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Centurion Systems

Centurion Systems Limited has pioneered in the innovation of the capability of extending the useful life of technology by our ability to repair up to component level.This is enhanced further by our Research and Development department which offers local solutions for the upgrade of existing ancient technology.

The internal technical know-how of maintenance over a wide spectrum of the industry sector for the past 20 years led to the development of the engineering training department.

Why train with us?

Practical Training

75% of the trainings that we carry out at our premises are practical based and 25% are theoretical.This is because we have developed through our research and development team and the partners that we have, training kits that are highly relevant as they mimic the actual workplace. The kits enable actual troubleshooting, Maintenance, Programming and other procedures to be carried out in a safe environment and this greatly boosts the confidence levels of personnel in contact with equipment in the work place.

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